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Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure
1.0 Objective
The objective of this policy and procedure is to provide and facilitate a mechanism for employees, shareholders or members of the public to report concerns about any suspected and/or known misconduct, wrongdoings, corruption and instances of fraud, waste, and/or abuse involving the resources of the Company.
2.0 Application
This policy and procedures is applicable to all companies within the Homeritz Group.
3.0 Confidentiality
The Company shall treat all reports or disclosures as confidential and will only reveal information on a “need to know: basis or if required by law, court or authority.
The identity and particulars of the whistle blower shall also kept private and confidential unless the whistle blower chose to reveal his/her identity.
4.0 Protection
All whistle blowers are encouraged to report genuine concerns without fear of reprisal should they act in good faith when reporting such concerns. She/he will be accorded with protection of confidentiality of identity, to an extent practicable, if he/she wish to remain anonymous. An employee who whistle blows internally shall be protected against any harassments or retaliations in any forms or manners and the organization views such actions as gross misconduct and may lead to dismissal, if proven.
5.0 Procedures
5.1 Any concern should be raised with immediate superior. If for any reason, it is believed that this is not possible or appropriate, then the concern should be reported to “Executive Director” (ED). Channel of reporting to ED are:
  Name : Tee Hwee Ing
  E-mail : tee@eritz.com.my
  Address : Lot 8726, PTD 6023, Batu 8, Kawasan Perindustrian Bkt Bakri, 84200 Muar, Johor.
5.2 In the case where reporting to management is a concern, then the report should be made to the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director :
  Name : Kee Tong Kiak
  E-mail : kee@csilk.com.my
  Address : Lot 8726, PTD 6023, Batu 8, Kawasan Perindustrian Bkt Bakri, 84200 Muar, Johor.
6.0 Actions
6.1 All reports will be investigated promptly by the person receiving the report. If required, he can obtain assistance from other resources within the Group (e.g. Group Internal Audit, Group Human Resource Department, and Group Legal Department etc.). The progress of investigation will be reported to the Audit and Risk Management Committee no later than at the next scheduled meeting.
6.2 Reports received anonymously will be treated as confidential.
6.3 The person making anonymous report will be advised that maintaining anonymity may hinder an investigation. Irrespective of this, anonymity will be maintained as long as it’s permitted by law or the person making the report indicates that he no longer wishes to remain anonymous.
6.4 Upon completion of investigation, appropriate course of action will be recommended to the Audit Committee for their deliberation. Decision taken by the Audit Committee will be implemented immediately.
6.5 Where possible, steps will also be implemented to prevent similar situation arising